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West Palm Beach Commercial Gym Photography

Commercial West Palm Beach Fitness Photography​

As a gym owner, bodybuilding prep coach, bodybuilding posing coach, you need to show your brand image online to gain more ideal clients. So, your images are online 24/7: Seeing your fitness services and programs as unique, and unique deserves to stand out. Therefore let's make your brand images top notch rivaling the likes of Large corporate gyms & services.

Personal Fitness Branding Photography

Personal Bodybuilding Photography

Top fitness companies, sponsors, and bodybuilding magazines see hundreds of images a day. So, as a fitness model, influencer, or bodybuilding athlete you need to standout with a clean but simple impact image. Thus, your physique photos can speak volumes but you need a creative spin with expression to push it way over the top! Showcase your fitness lifestyle related images then BOOK YOUR SESSION.

Personal Bodybuilding & Physique Photography

Personal Bodybuilding & Physique Photography

Your fitness photoshoot needs to showcase you at your finest. Weather its bodybuilding photography, gym photography, or you capturing your incredible fitness journey. As a creative or an artist we take your story and let your individuality peak through in every image. Its time for your to shine brighter!

Bodybuilding Athletes Use Photography for?

Showcasing your physique to a "T"

Capture your conditioning and how dialed in you look to stage on competition day

Let your physique take center stage and capture you at your best!

So if you are a bikini, physique, or bodybuilding contestant, a private session for you can really let you create a unique image that can be hung up on a wall to keep you motivated.

 Finally, We also photograph before and after images for fitness transformations, you worked hard and see your photoshoot as a reward for your success! Finally, its your hard earned physique on display and making you look the best is our passion!

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West Palm Beach Bodybuilding Photography

As a fitness professional, bodybuilder, or an amateur looking to get amazing bodybuilding or physique photos, your photos should showcase your passion and fitness models best attribute. Thus as you step behind the camera and hit your favorite pose we look to add in emotion to set the image off and showcase you authentically.

So, Are you a competitor wanting promotional photography to market yourself as a fitness professional?

Considering or pursuing a career as a male or female fitness model?

Are you looking for that hardcore chiseled look and that personal wall art to document your passion?

So, then bodybuilding photography by C.D.R.Visuals is what you have been searching for. Thus our main body of work focuses in and around South Florida but travels for bodybuilding or fitness photography assignment.

How you, as a Fitness Model or IFBB/NPC Athlete, Land Commercial Deals?

Your images show Confidence - We coach you to do that in a simple but clean impactful image

Thus showing "Fitness is a Lifestyle" & "Bodybuilding is an Art" - Showcase your lifestyle in a simplistic artist way that makes you stand out in every image!

So, Your images showcases your passion for bodybuilding - so stand out and create something over the top!

Finally, You are a personal trainer or fitness ambassador that needs  photos for social media content as you look your best in your  promotional material and covers of magazines.



You select a date and time that works best for you


You will be coached through the photoshoot process


Your selected images will be slightly retouched


You will receive and email with download instructions






When you come in for a photoshoot, it’s my job is to make sure that you love your bodybuilding photos. So, I craft and work with you to make sure you look confident, spark emotion, and have that lookability that makes people notice you.

I am a professional photographer, based in West Palm Beach, FL that specializes in Bodybuilding Portrait Photography, Dance Portrait Photography, Headshots , and Commercial and Branding Photography.


The gym is your kingdom. It’s where we capture your love and go all out – doing what you do best. So Beast Mode Activated

Athletes & Fitness Professionals - Location & Studio

Mixing an artistic flair and a laid back vibe the Studio or on location is where we  create art and provoke emotions.


As the NPC/IFBB Backstage roars to life the NPC/IFBB Backstage Gallery will display Bodybuilders, Wellness, Physique, and Bikini competitors as you all meet at one place to showcase your hard work that you have been putting in over the year. This gallery captures all of your physiques at your peak condition. Along with those raw backstage moments, emotions, and the anticipation you feel as a competitor as you are about to step on stage, this is a massive moment in your life, and you deserve to have over the top images capturing it. We have captured you, a competitor, as you bring your best package to the stage!

Whats your story for competing?

- 2020 NPC/IFBB Backstage Gallery, West Palm Beach Florida, NPC Florida Gold Gold Gup, & Amanda Marinelli Classic

- 2020 |2021 NPC/IFBB Backstage Gallery, Boca Raton Florida, NPC Diamond Classic Gup Presented by QCBB Promotions


You feel like you are on the right track with your fitness business by making content. Thus, you think about the right angles to take selfies for content but notice you dont have less time to give back into your passion, your clients!

Thus, We want you to gain the personal branding images that will attract more leads, raise your online profile, earn more ideal clients and help you earn more from your fitness field!

So, If you are a athlete, personal trainer, gym owner and online coach we take into account your ideal clients, marketing message to help create that one of a kind high end commercial brand image specific to your skill set and passion you are presenting to the fitness industry.

So, If you are a athlete, personal trainer, gym owner and online coach we take into account your ideal clients, marketing message to help create that one of a kind high end commercial brand image specific to your skill set and passion you are presenting to the fitness industry.

Finally, the images can be used to represent your quality services, as your baseline marketing material, customized website images, and social media background post images - all while highlighting your brand making it the leader in your unique fitness niche.

What My Clients Are Saying

Mendel Olivier
Mendel Olivier
NPC/IFFB Fitness Competitor
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“Chase is an amazing photographer he really knows what he’s doing I’m going to do a lot of work with him in the future . If you’re looking for a photographer he should be your main guy great experience.”
Daniel Luna
Daniel Luna
First Photoshoot​
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I did my research ahead of time so I had high expectations. However, Chase exceeded those with his excellent product, professionalism, experience, and adaptability. I recommend him highly and will certainly book again in the future.
 Adela Diaz
Adela Diaz
Bikini Competitor
Read More
I’ve been competing for a while but I never had a Photografer as great as Chase. He has a great personality and makes you comfortable and easy to shoot. I wished he lived in Chicago so I would make him my personal photographer. He does an amazing job that i have no words to explain. Keep up your great work Chase I’ll be missing your work in Chicago. Adela Diaz

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