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For POLE DANCE Performing Artists & Aerial Artist

What do you feel your Pole Dance Photos should share? In your pole photoshoot sessions you will embrace your unique sensuality! Natural inner beauty! All with various use of props , light and shadows, you will create a set of images that speak to you and your dance soul. We are all unique and we all carry with us our own beauty.

Be Bold. Celebrate your Passion Be your own kind of beautiful!

With distinct pole dance portraits showcasing your dance photo vision, best lines, passion and technique.

Pole Dance photography

Pole Dance Photography is a very special powerful & delicate moment that mixes your personal dance style and extreme athletics in one image! It’s about showcasing your passion and balancing an alluring vision for a striking image that leaves you speechless. Its your empowerment photoshoot to give you the best images displaying your dance style. Book Yours today!

Studio or Outdoor Photoshoots

We know that your Pole Dance Photography is more than JUST a photoshoot so what are you looking to capture?

Through our methods of coaching and lighting pole dancers, we work with you to create moments that fully showcase your technique, line, and authentic artistry, in captivating images!  We help can help define your dance personality, reveal your power and edgy sides while helping you  build a diverse and creative portfolio, market yourself, and take home amazing keep sakes.

Whether you are a pole dancer, a pole dance instructor, or aerialist, have no fear, you are in good hands.

Book your session today!

What feeling do you get when you are in your Pole dance class?

Your individual Pole Dances Portraitures should embody your message of why you decide to go on your pole dance journey, that empowers you, evokes emotion, and your lines in their best light. 

PERSONALITY:  Empowering yourself and loving your true flow, blending it all to your talents! Dance it.

TECHNIQUE: You have the skill set – now we help you highlight your lines in perfect harmony with your flow. 

UNIQUEABILITY: Your dance spirit is one of a kind show & share it with the world and let it LEAD.

Wondering if you will get great images?

We won’t stop until you walk away with  a unique set of images images that show you at your personal best! That is our commitment to your pole dance photoshoots session

 We will help you have pole Dance portraits displaying emotion, a.k.a face.

 We always take the extra time with you to make your movement or pose come “alive.” 

You get standout stunning series of images that will leave you in love with yourself in a light you have woulnt have ever guessed.

I want you have an experience that STAND OUTS from any other dance photoshoots! Allowing Your Images to sing with your personality of your artistry & come to life because you deserve to have equally beautiful images that you take home and cherish for a lifetime.

Pole Dancers or performing artists cover more of your unique experiences, aesthetics, and aspirations.

Show your calling, blending dance, art, and expression because its a blend of your dance vision, style, and allure in story form. 

We work with you, coach you through finding your best lines, and show your pole dance images that represent you as an artist, powerful individual that you are! 

Take your dance pole photoshoot over the top!

We work with you to balance your passion, skill and beauty. 

Pole Performers, Aerialist, Acrobats 

 Images balanced with beautiful quality, sexy, and empowerment at every turn.

Your Dance Images should mirror your beauty, grace, and energy you bring to your passion, pole dance! Every image is equal parts beauty, passion, love, and allure . Every image is a choreographed art piece blending your natural dance flow resulting in timeless, beautiful powerful moments you'll want to show off.

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As a Florida Pole Dance Photographer Based in West Palm Beach, I am conveniently located near the Palm Beach County Convention Center. I am 5 minutes off of I-95 and Okeechobee and 5 minutes from the West Palm Beach downtown district, Rosemary Square.