I’m Chase Rossman

Since today, film photography has already become basically history, then we will continue to talk about digital.

Digital photography is the future. Allowing for faster turn around time and direct feedback to us, creators and clients. This allows us to create better more dynamic portraits on location. This means quality images every time!

One quality image is like capturing art in real life.

Below I discuss how as a Palm Beach fitness photographer some common questions I have gotten asked about fitness photography. Fitness photography in the past couple of years has started coming to the center stage. However, there is still some confusion on what is considered fitness photography, the lighting setups that make the best image, and even how to prep for fitness photo shoot.

Below I have outlined some of the frequently asked questions, I as the palm beach fitness photographer has been asked.


Most frequent questions and answers

How I classify fitness portraiture are portraits highlighting an individuals physique, passion, or athletic ability in still form.

This includes photos usually showing parts of workouts, intense emotion, and wellness of an individual. Most people either are performing or plan to perform in physical actives or sports related passion or competitions.

Most fitness photography is taken in (3) main spaces!

Everyone can benefit from bodybuilding photography. As a Palm Beach fitness photographer C.D.R.Visuals knows that fitness photography varies in terms of athletes and individuals seen below:
  • Bodybuilding Competitors
  • Bodybuilding prep coaches
  • IFBB Bodybuilding Pros
  • Fitness professionals
  • Bodybuilding posing coaches
  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym Owners
  • Fitness/MMA/BJJ
  • Any Athlete
  • Fitness Models
  • Dancers
  • Everyday Fitness Enthusiasts
  • etc
Whatever your fitness level, athletic division, sport, activity of choice, or division. Fitness photography should highlight the body composition or movement patterns that best fits the individual.

There are 3 main places Bodybuilding photography images are seen to be taken in:

1. Studio – Usually in a studio this is more static muscle concentrated posing where the lighting can be fine tuned to present the body in its peak form. The main focus is to highlight a persons best assets! Creative motion can captured in studio as well!

2. Gym/ Training Facility- Allows for people to train in their desired facility. Great for action shots such as lifting, high impact moves, punches, kicks, etc. Permission should be granted by the owners & an agreed upon time and date before the shoot. Ask to use the facility, or the option to rent a space or time. Pick a place you feel comfortable with, a good atmosphere, and can work with the staff. Your comfortability will com through the images on camera.

3. Location- These tend to be public spaces where a static pose or action image can be taken. If its not public- permission should be granted by the owners or facility as stated in the location 2. Usually a mix between fitness related actives, poses, and lifestyle showcasing the body of a person.

I am a big component of wearing what makes you feel like a bad ass. The more confident you feel the more it shines with through the camera and final image. However, lets keep in mind we want to you to have as many photo options to choose from. Thus we suggest for clothing selection we suggest 3-4 outfits with different colors. One thing to keep in mind is the an environment can effect color and natural colors are always a great choice. Usually, white, grey, black, and red are great choices. However there some pieces of clothing I suggest for fitness photography are listed below:

– Men: Try to stick with basketball shorts when taking an upper body image. other types of pants can be joggers, a nice pair of tight jeans, leggings, or your competition trunks. When taking a lower body images we try to keep the high light on the legs to keep something tight…. leggings are a good option with a lose top that shows off the arms. Gym vest, sleeveless hoodies, tank tops, anything to highlight your arms as well as legs.

-Ladies: We want to highlight your physique as well. Sports bras are a great option to help show the back and core. Pants when photographing the upper body can be yoga pants, joggers, and leggings. Fore more legs and glutes we suggest leggings, tight compression shorts, and if you compete your competition bikini. Preferably we want to see you in what you work out in. However there are so many options so more options the better. Don’t for get to bring Gym vest, sleeveless hoodies, tank tops,or anything to highlight your arms as when photographing legs.

Tans can be great to help create contrast when doing fitness photo shoots. A few things to keep in mind, if a tan is to dark it can really make the highlights from the lighting stand out and make parts of the body look to bright. So we suggest getting a professional fitness tan. Schedule the tan a few days before and if it takes multiple trips plan accordingly. We want to avoid obvious tan lines on the skin. Pick a tanning color that goes well with your completion.

If you are spray tanning make sure to go to the same tanning salon everytime and build up the tan.

If you are using a tanning bed make sure to use the same day. However, keep in mind a tanning bed can dry out the skin. So on the day of the shoot make sure to bring some type of oil with you. Usually this is baby oil or coconut oil and slowly rub it into the skin to not over do it and apply a little over time. 10- 15 minutes before you step behind the camera.

We do suggest your bring some items accessories to a fitness photo shoot. If you want to used weights, kettle bells, dumbbells, etc and its on location. We suggest bringing them. We will have some basic things like bands, a rope, a some other small things for a pump up.

*A pump up before a shoot should only be about ` 5-10 minutes at most. With a fasting acting sugar, your best condition, and if the shoot includes actual workout movements that should be enough.

Bring the weights, weightlifting wraps and straps, MMA gloves. competition awards, supplements, shoes, really the list is endless on what you can bring and what can be used.

If you are cleared to use a gym or facility just make sure that you have permission from owners or management to use the equipment.

For more questions or clarification please don’t hesitate to contact me. I want you to have the best fitness photo shoot for you with you at your upmost confidence.


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